Expanding on Music and Musicians
Expanding on Music and Musicians

Throughout history, music has been a driving force in bringing people together. Just as music influences us, artists and genres have influenced each other for centuries. Also in this resource set, teach your class about what influences inspired the genres they hear today!
The Science of Music and Sound
The Science of Music and Sound

Listening to music can make a person feel so many emotions ranging from happy to sad, but have you ever wondered why or how these sounds make you feel this way? It’s because of the science behind the sounds we hear! In this lesson, your classroom will learn about how the science and mathematics of vibrations and pitch make up the sounds that turn into our favorite songs.
Beyond the Baton: A Conductor's Journey
Beyond the Baton: A Conductor's Journey

Classical music has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated and elegant genres of music throughout history. The reputation and nature of the genre have in some cases made classical music inaccessible to some communities. Beyond the Baton has been designed to make classical music more accessible and inspire and train young artists who have already become familiar with the genre.
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