Is your child struggling with challenges and changes brought on by the impacts of COVID-19? Today, a new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood special episode explores all of the ways that life might look a little different right now, and offers children strategies and songs to help them cope. Then, to help your child learn to express their own feelings, play a brand new, special Daniel Tiger game. Make a feelings word book, and help your child overcome her fears through pretend play.
WATCH: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

In the episode “Won’t You Sing Along With Me?,” Daniel learns he can’t gather with all of his neighbors at the Neighborhood Carnival this year, and it leads to a lot of big feelings and questions, including what to do when he misses the people he loves, how to keep himself and others healthy, and how to find ways to enjoy extra time at home with his family.

Ask your child:
  • How does Daniel feel when he finds out he can't see all of his neighbors at the Carnival?
  • What does Daniel do to help take care of his neighbors?
  • What can we do to help take care of our neighbors?
PLAY: Dance Party

Dance along with Daniel and his friends, follow their dance moves, or simply listen to the music and dance in your own way!

Ask your child:
  • Can you show me a happy dance?
  • How about a sad dance?
  • Can you show me how you're feeling right now?
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