Welcome to the PBS KIDS Daily newsletter, a new resource to keep your kids playing and learning at home while school is closed. Today we’ll explore creativity and problem-solving through art, using Pinkalicious & Peterrific and a new game called Scribbles & Ink as jumping-off points to more creativity and conversation off-screen.

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WATCH: Learn Creative Problem-Solving Skills with Pinkalicious

In this episode, Pinkalicious and Peter practice identifying a problem, and then brainstorm and test solutions. You can ask your child questions to support their own problem-solving and reinforce their learning.

Ask your child:
  • How did Pinkalicious solve the problem when the wind carried her away?
  • What would you have done if that happened to you?
  • Are there any problems that you want to figure out how to solve?
PLAY: Create Stories and Art with Scribbles & Ink

Kids have the power to change the story and solve problems with Scribbles & Ink! Your child can play along on pbskids.org or on the PBS KIDS Games app. After they help Scribbles & Ink save the day, talk about the game and the art they created.

Ask your child:
  • What happened in the game?
  • What did you draw and what did it do?
  • Could we draw something together?
Play Together!
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